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Español 2

over 4 years ago

By Susan Youmans

Señorita Youmans

Syllabus  (Pacing Guide ) for Spanish 2


August   Review of Spanish1

Sept. 1- 12                           Unit 1                   People and Places

·         Basic greetings

·         Express likes/dislikes

·         Ask questions/provide responses

·         Use sequenced information (days of week, numbers 0-100, etc)

·         Participate in brief oral exchange

·         Use formal and informal forms of address

·         Give basic info about self and others (school, family activities, etc)

·         Describe customs and traditions of culture

·         Demonstrate basic geographical skills


Sept 15-Oct 3                     Unit 2                    Healthy Living

·         Express needs and preferences

·         Express feelings and emotions

·         Request help and clarification

·         Participate in an oral or written exchange

·         Comprehend and follow oral and written directions

·         Use idiomatic expressions

·         Body Parts

·         Foods, Food Groups

·         Nutrition terms

·         Healthy Living Practices

·         Exercise Equipment


Oct 6- 17                              Unit 3                    Communities: Buildings and Professions

·         Give and follow instructions and directions

·         Participate in an oral or written exchange

·         Interpret culturally authentic materials and information

·         Comprehend and follow oral and written instructions

·         Give brief, organized compositions, using visual and technological support

·         Vocabulary for buildings

·         Vocabulary for common professions

·         Self-descriptive adjectives

·         Prepositional phrases of distance

·         Verbs: to be, to go, to turn, to come from, to prefer, to buy

Oct 20- Nov 7                    Unit 4                     Daily Activities

·         Reflexive Verbs

·         Vocab related to time, clothing, hygiene, food, sports, school, leisure, daily tasks, weather

·         Present tense

·         Preterite Tense

·         Tener +que + infinitive

·         Transitions of time

·         Ir + a + infinitive  (immediate future)

·         Negation of sentences

·         Comparisons of equality / inequality   ( more than, less than, as much as, etc)


Nov 10-Nov 18                  Unit 5                    Travel/ Geography

·         Negative and Affirmative Commands

·         Geography Vocabulary

·         Weather Vocabulary

·         Hispanic countries and the major cities

·         Travel

·         Airport Procedures

Dec 1- Dec 19                     Unit 6                    Media and Technology

·         Informal commands

·         Ordinal Numbers

·         Vocabulary related to movies,  Emails, and movies

·         Expressing likes, dislikes, and opinion on the popularity of media and technology

Español 3

over 4 years ago


August, 2015

Bienvenidos a la clase de Español 3! I commend your decision to enroll in a challenging, intermediate college-level elective course and continue studying a most useful language.  By the end of Spanish 3, you will have been exposed to a wide variety of grammatical concepts and vocabulary terms.  It is my hope that you will take this course as seriously as I do.  If you do, I guarantee that you will be pleased with your advances in the language.  I believe that you will also find your choice to continue with Spanish to be a good one.


This is a ninety minute,  HONORS  level class. It is not required for graduation, and there is no “easy version” of this class.  Regardless of your cognitive abilities, you will have to pay attention and dedicate a significant amount of time to coursework.  The average student should expect to spend at least 20 minutes every night on homework assignments and quiz/ test preparation.  Working on assignments for other courses during Spanish class is completely unacceptable. If you are not willing to give Spanish your complete attention during class, then I strongly urge you to consider enrolling in a different elective course.

Basically, I expect you to:           a.) Be on time

                                                        b. ) Be prepare

                                                        c.) Pay attention

                                                        d. ) Follow through with assignments

Classroom Conduct Guidelines

As upperclassmen, you shouldn’t need a refresher on how to act during class. I encourage you to think about the following….

Here are my pet peeves….

#10—May I borrow a pencil?   (You’re in high school!!... Seriously!)

#9- Can I go to my locker? I brought the wrong notebook. (Yeah, right… and, no)

#8. –Lining up at the door…(It will not make the bill ring,, I swear..)

#7—Did you count me tardy? (Did you arrive after the bell rang? Then, yes, I did)

#6—What does that mean? What do we do? (My blood pressure will skyrocket!)

#5—Bathroom problems—(You have had how many years to figure this out?)

#4—Cornering me right before class starts (It’s not my fault you were absent. Ask me later)

#3-- Homework for other classes.  (Perhaps the quickest way to get me not to like you)

#2 Cell phones and MP3 Players (Some of you are addicted and need help--- seriously—DO NOT make me put a sign up like in freshman classes.)

#1—Excuses… (You know the saying…)


Your final grade will depend largely on your test performance. With what have become extremely large class sized, it is extremely difficult for me to grade daily homework in any meaningful way.  Therefore, most homework assignments will be worth only a small amount of credit. It is critical that you complete in-class and homework assignments thoughtfully. I will give frequent quizzes and challenging exams that will assess your mastery of the content. Role playing, participation points and written assignments are important because they do play an important part in your grade; they are meant to prepare you for the test.

Tests           40%

Quizzes      30%

HW/ CW      10%

Exam           20%

I typically do not offer extra credit. There will be opportunities for you to earn extra points throughout the year and I suggest you take full advantage of them.

I do not “round up” grades at the end of the semester.  You have over four months to earn your grade. This is only fair for the students who have worked hard and have completed all assignments as they were instructed.

Finally, participation in all activities is important. This is also figured into your final grade as it impacts your assignments. If you are blatantly NOT participating in a class activity, you will simply not receive credit for the activity.




If there is one thing that I cannot tolerate, it is dishonesty. We are all human. If you mess up one assignment, it is not the end of the world! (unless you mess up a LOT!) However, scrambling to copy a friend’s homework at the beginning of class will only hurt you in the end. I can respect and understand an honest mistake. Talk to me about after class and more than likely we can work something out. – Trust me, I will respect you for it. However, if you are caught copying, using on line translators, etc, we are going to have a major problem. Forget about me writing you any type of college recommendation letter and parent- teacher conferences will be extremely uncomfortable. And trust me, I have been teaching longer than you have been alive…. I will know if you are not being honest. Any written assignment that I even suspect to be written with the help of a translator will receive a ZERO!!! No questions /no excuses.



So, finally the happy stuff… I am a lot like you. I don’t like people wasting my time. Therefore, I do not plan of wasting yours. Believe me, there will be days when I really do not want to be here as I am sure that there will be days when you would rather be in bed, asleep, at the beach, etc. But, I am here because I do love teaching Spanish and I love teaching at LDHS! I graduated from here and I love this school and this community. I live in Greenville, where there are actual restaurants, so trust me when I say I love being a Raider or I would be teaching in Greenville! The reason I love it so is because of students like you. So, let’s make this a great year and learn some Spanish!!


Bottom line…..You need to do your job every day, the best you can, no matter what.


My school email is if you would like to get in touch with me that way.  My planning period is third period and I will be glad to make arrangements if you would like to stay after school. 

By Susan Youmans

La bandera de Argentina
La Bandera de España
Las fotos
La Clase de Español 3
Machu Picchu
One of my favorite places in the world!
South of the Border
Punta Cana

Cross Country

over 4 years ago

Schedule 2015

Sat.  Aug 15 YMCA Mud Run (Optional)

Sat Aug 29 Chuck Parker Relay, Anderson Sports Center

Sat Sept 5 Eye Opener

Wed, Sept 9 @ Eastside

Mon, Sept 14 Ware Shoals-- Home  (Lake Rabon)

Wed, Sept 16 @ Woodmont

Sat , Sept 19 Fight like Wyatt Invitational (@Woodmont-- public welcome)

Wed, Sept 23  Canned Classic  @ HIllcrest

Sat, Sept 26  Cavalier Classic  (Dorman)

Wed, Sept 30  @ Woodmont

Mon, Oct 5  Ware Shoals -- Home  (Lake Rabon)

Wed, Oct 7 @ Southside

Wed 14 Ridge View (Richland 2)

Thursday, Oct 22 County Championship -- (Clinton)  -- Home (Lake Rabon)

By Susan Youmans


Cross country

over 4 years ago

By Susan Youmans

Golden Strip Canned Classic
Cross Country Recognition night
Eye Opener Invitational

El dia de los Muertos

over 4 years ago

By Susan Youmans

Audrey preparing her sugar skull
Sugar skulls for Dia de los Muertos

4th period looking a little scary

El Día de Comida

over 3 years ago