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over 5 years ago

Instructor: Andy Entrekin

LDHS Orchestra

over 5 years ago

Instructor: Andrew Chavarria

LDHS Chorus

over 5 years ago

Instructor: Hannah Cox


Concert Choir | women's Ensemble | harmony chorus

If Music be the food of love, [sing] on. "

by William Shakespeare

Concert Choir

Advanced mixed ensemble, the tasks ahead, and the competitions and concerts coming soon.

Womens Ensemble

Intermediate all-women choir, assignments, and events approaching.

Harmony Chorus

Beginning mixed ensemble, the theory they are learning, and the approach to concerts.

Hannah Cox
A choral program dedicated to making music available to everyone.


about 1 year ago

Instructors: Erin Hahn, Haley Satterfield, Ryan Walker,

Visual Art

over 3 years ago

Instructor: Daniel Sorrow