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February 1 - 5
Cardiac System Test: Wednesday, February 3rd
Respiratory System Test: Friday, February 5th

This week we will be completing the Cardiorespiratory system.
Applying to become an Student Athletic Trainer Aide
Please complete the student athletic training aide application packet. Return the completed packet to Coach Atkinson, Coach Konoza, or myself.

Packets can be picked up in our classroom or the Athletic Training Room.

An online form will be available soon.

Bulletin Board Project

over 4 years ago

You will be required to complete a project that includes an injury of a specific body part, SOAP note of the injury, surgical procedures, and the rehabilitation process.  This information will be displayed on the Sports Medicine 2 bulletin board in the classroom for 1 week per group.  Please include all items that are listed in the attached document.  

Project Specifications:

Laurens, South Carolina