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Guidance Staff

8 months ago

Cindy Godwin - School Counselor
All first-time 9th grade students
(864) 682-3151

Yoneko Allen - School Counselor
Grades 10-12 and 9th repeaters, last names beginning with A-F
(864) 683-3326

Regina Childers - Coordinator of Guidance and Homebound Services, School Counselor
Grades 10-12 and 9th repeaters, last names beginning with G-N
(864) 683-3340

Chrys Hill - School Counselor
Grades 10-12 and 9th repeaters, last names beginning with O-Z
(864) 683-3336

Josh Dawkins - CAT Counselor
Grades 10-12
(864) 682-3151

Darnell Suber - Career Development Facilitator
(864) 682-3151

Amanda Turner - Career Development Facilitator
(864) 682-3151

Susan Bailey - Records Secretary
(864) 683-3348
(864) 683-3355 guidance fax number


12 months ago

To be eligible to receive a South Carolina High School Diploma, students must earn 24 units.  Based on state law and Laurens District 55 Board Policy, requirements to receive a South Carolina High School Diploma  (graduation requirements) for students in grades 9 through 12 are prescribed below:


Credit Units

English/Language Arts




Science (Including Biology1 & two other Sciences)


U.S. History




U.S. Government


Other social studies




Computer Science


Foreign Language or Career & Technology Education






The following documents are required for enrollment:

Proof of Residence
Birth Certificate
Report Card or Transcript (from previous school)
Withdrawal form (from previous school)
Legal/Guardianship documents


over 3 years ago

Request for Release of Permanent Records

If you graduated before 2009 you need to fill out the Transcript form and bring it to LDHS Guidance or mail it to LDHS Guidance with the fee indicated.

If you graduated in 2009 or after you may request your transcript electronically - please follow the directions below.  



Summer School

2 months ago

Students have two summer school options: LDHS Summer School and Virtual SC.

LDHS Summer School will be held Monday through Thursday, June 13 - July 3, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.  Breakfast and lunch will be served for free, and transportation will be available. All courses will be taught through the online A+ curriculum.  Students who have failed a class with a 50-59 are eligible for credit recovery.  Students who have failed a class with a 49 or below will need to take the entire course again (initial credit) and should discuss options with their counselor.  However, a student may NOT take an EOC class for initial credit if he or she has never taken the class (and EOC exam) before. Initial credit will be available on campus.  See your counselor for a registration form.  To secure a spot, return the form to your counselor by June 6.

The following courses are available through A+:  Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Biology 1, Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2, Earth and Space Science, English 1, English 2, English 3, English 4, Geometry, Government, Personal Finance, Physical Science, US History, World Geography, and World History.

Virtual SC classes are also taught online but may be completed at home.  Classes begin June 5 and end August 1.  Students will complete their final exam with a counselor on the LDHS campus.  Students must preregister for these classes by going to  Because this is a state-wide program, classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis. Eleventh and twelfth grade students register between May 15 and May 29Ninth and tenth grade students may register between May 22 and May 29.  See your counselor if you have questions.

16 Career Clusters

2 months ago

Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources - veterinarian, agricultural scientist, landscaper, botanist, farmer, surveyor, microbiologist, gardener, veterinarian assistant/technician

Architecture and Construction - carpenter, painter, heating & cooling technician, electrician, drafter, plumber, brick mason, interior designer, architect, construction & building inspector

A/V Technology and Communications - journalist, graphic designer, cinematographer, editor, director, fashion designer, actor, photographer, dancer, sound engineer, copywriter

Business Management and Administration - customer service representative, human resource manager, interpreter, legal secretary, receptionist, payroll clerk, bookkeeper

Education and Training - principal, school psychologist, media specialist, guidance counselor, speech therapist, teacher, coach, teacher assistant, child care worker

Finance - bank teller, insurance agent, budget analyst, economist, financial manager, accountant, auditor, stockbroker

Government and Public Administration - city manager, quality control inspector, court reporter, park ranger, hazardous waste manager, real estate appraiser, building inspector

Health Science - pharmacist, lab technologist, physical therapist, nutritionist, physician, dialysis technician, medical assistant, dental hygienist, nurse

Hospitality and Tourism - curator, health club manager, travel agent, hotel manager, food service manager, restaurant host/hostess, convention planner, bus driver, housekeeper

Human Services - psychologist, fitness trainer, social worker, vocational rehabilitation counselor, real estate manager, funeral director, fashion coordinator, cosmetologist

Information Technology - electronics technician, software designer, computer systems analyst, website designer, IT project manager, computer programmer, marketing manager

Manufacturing - ceramic engineer, laser technician, robotics technician, CAD tool & die maker, biomedical engineer technician, telecommunications repairer, welder

Marketing, Sales, and Service - marketing manager, advertising account executive, pharmaceutical sales representative, florist, wholesale buyer, merchandise displayer, stock clerk

Public Safety and Security - attorney, judge, parole officer, paralegal, fish & game warden, forensic scientist, FBI agent, private detective, firefighter, police officer

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - marine biologist, aerospace engineer, physicist, zoologist, oceanographer, mathematician, mechanical engineer

Transportation, Distribution and Logistics - air traffic controller, pilot, flight attendant, dispatcher, truck driver, sailor, small engine mechanic, automotive technician

IGP Conferences
As mandated by the South Carolina Education and Economic Development Act, all counselors at LDHS will conduct individual conferences with students and their parents/guardians. Counselors will contact parents/guardians to schedule Individual Graduation Plan appointments.

Prior to your IGP conference with your counselor, please make sure you do the following:

1) Research career opportunities

2) Explore your educational options - technical, 2-year or 4-year college

3) Talk about your options with your parents

4) Make course choices based on your career interests

Please view the online registration guide prior to the meeting. The registration guides can be found at the bottom of the guidance page. A link to the registration video that students viewed on Jan. 16 is below.
Ordering a replacement diploma
Effective September 1, 2015 South Carolina's department of education will no longer accept mail-in requests for replacement diplomas. In order to request a replacement diploma you will need to go to the department of education website: