Leadership Academy 2019 Graduates

4 years ago

2019 Leadership Academy                & CO/XO Graduates


  Congratulations to our recent Leadership Academy graduates Pedro Juan, Jasmin Vargo, Camden Cogsdill and Murphy Rush!

No better place to be than at The Citadel with a few friends

Our graduates enjoyed the long, hot days with drill, exercise, food and managed to have some fun.  The Unit is looking forward to utilizing what they learned at Leadership Academy for the upcoming year!


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First Period celebrates the Navy's 245th Birthday on 13 October 2020..

Second Period observes the Navy's Birthday with the local Navy recruites Petty Officer First Class Cornwell and Petty Officer Second Class James.

Naval Cadet Destiny Howard cuts the cake for Fourth Period's celebration of the Navy's Birthday.

First Company - During this week's uniform inspection, Physical Training (PT) Ribbons were awarded to Cadets Peter Lindley  (left), Morgan Harshaw (center) and Gage Thomas (right) was awarded a Unit Service Ribbon.  

Second Company - Cadet Anthony Eaton earned his promotion to Seaman Apprentice; NJROTC Commanding Officer Murphy Rush pinned on the device at the end of second period.

First Sea Perch Event by LDHS NJROTC

Cadet First Class Petty Officer Hiram Varner will lead the Sea Perch Team on Saturday, 7 March 2020 at McDowell High School in Marion, NC.  This is our first ever competition.  We will be competing in four events (Obstacle Course, Object Retrieval, Race and Open Race).

Laurens NJROTC captured 4th Place in the Area Six Orienteering meet held at Raven Rock State Park in North Carolina on 15 February.

Additionally, Cadet Lieutenant (j.g.) Zach Neal was one of the top finalists on the Green Course.


LDHS NJROTC Change of Command occurred on 22 January 2020.  Cadet Lieutenant Murphy Rush relieved Cadet Jasmin Vargo.

Murphy Rush has assumed command of the Laurens District 55 High School NJROTC Unit.

Cadet Lieutenant (Junior Grade) Pedro Juan was promoted to the position of Executive Officer during the ceremony.

2019 Christmas Parades

Saturday, 7 December 2019, the LDHS NJROTC Cadets performed in the Gray Court and Laurens' Christmas Parades.  It was a great way to kick off the holiday season!

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2019 AMI 

The Navy JROTC Unit at Laurens District 55 High School will be having its annual inspection conducted by the NJROTC Area Six Manager on Thursday, 17 October.  Part of that evolution consists of a ceremonial portion that may be viewed by family members. 

 This occurs after the entire battalion has been inspected; we anticipate and plan for the ceremonial portion, which includes the platoons marching by the stands in the gym, to occur at 10:00 am. 

 Therefore, any family member who wishes to observe and support their cadet(s) will be directed to visitor overflow parking and should check-in with the front office at LDHS in time to be at the gym by 9:45 to 9:55 am.

Basic Leadership Training 2019

Basic Leadership Training will be held at Laurens High School on 29 July through 1 August from 0800 to 1200 (lunch included).  Please contact Battalion Executive Officer, LT Jasmin Vargo to confirm.

Freshmen Indoctrination Training 2019

Freshmen Indoc Training will be held at Laurens High School on 5 August through 8 August from 0800 to 1200 (lunch included).  Please contact 864-682-8328 to assist us in planning.

2019 LDHS NJROTC Military Ball

The 2019 Military Ball was held at the Laurens History Museum and was a huge success.  Over thirty different NJROTC Cadets were recognized for their contribution to the unit.  More than two dozen awards were presented, and two scholarships received.  The Senior Cadets were honored for their achievements as well.

Cadet Murphy Rush and his date give the Ball two thumbs up!

Cadet Aaron Remmers rocked the house last Saturday night at the Laurens Histrory Museum.

The Witherspoon Building was a very special location.

Cadet Zach Neal gets serious!

Cadets Jones and Ward are having a good time.


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Color Guard

The elite group of drill team members form the Color Guard. The Color Guard presents the American Flag at many formal events all over the county and state.

Drill Team

Self discipline, hard work and determination are the cornerstones in developing a a team of cadets that works well together to move in unison with precision! 

Area Six Orienteering Meet
15 FEB 2020

Area Six Orienteering Meet was 15 February 2020, and Laurens NJROTC placed fourth.

Orienteering Photos
Mt Ranier


6 years ago

By Anthony Linardi

LDHS Orienteering - 2017 National Championships at Red Top Mountain, GA  

The LDHS NJROTC Orienteering Team earned their spot in the 2017 National Orienteering Championships after an arduous season traveling all over the southeast. The Nationals were held at Red Top Mountain State Park. This was the Orienteering Team's 4th year in a row to participate in the National Championships. The team took 16th place out of 31 participating teams.  The Varsity Team (Green/Brown) was 22nd overall. The JV team (Orange) took 19th place and the Freshmen Team (Yellow) was 4th in the nation!!! A number of this year's returning orienteers are nationally ranked and others will be given the opportunity to become ranked as we participate in nationally sanctioned meets in near by states. This year's schedule will be jam packed with events that prepare our team to participate in our 5th National Championship!

IOF Map Symbols
IOF Map Symbols 

IOF Control Descriptions


International Specifications for Orienteering Maps

Rifle - Marksmanship

5 years ago

LDHS Rifle Team - 2017 Upstate Runner-Up

The Rifle Team of LDHS NJROTC did a good  job this past year earning their way to the Area 6 Championships for the 8th year in a row as a team. The team will look to the Class of 2021, freshmen, to keep the team on track again this year.


Academic Team

5 years ago

By Anthony Linardi

LDHS NJROTC Academic Team places 20th in the Nation!

After taking 2nd place at the regional Brain Brawl qualifier at Western Alamance H.S. Laurens NJROTC Academic Team hit the road to Jacksonville University in Florida to compete at the National Academic Brain Brawl where they learned a lot about National Level events and placed 20th overall.  

Welcome Aboard, the Most Outstanding Unit in Area 6!!!

3 years ago

Welcome to LDHS NJROTC

Laurens District High School NJROTC is one of the premier units in the nation. For the past four years the unit has earned Distinguished Unit with Academic Honors placing them in the top in the nation. From 2015-2017, LDHS NJROTC was named the Most Outstanding (Best) Unit in North and South Carolina!!! And in 2018 we were named the #5 unit in the Nation! The NJROTC Battalion is comprised of over 150 cadets who participate in Drill, Athletics, Academics, Orienteering and Rifle. The more you are involved the more enjoyable it is. There is a lot on this welcome aboard page but it is only a summary. You will have to look at the other pages to see in detail what is going on and what is the right fit for you in Navy JROTC. 



LDHS NJROTC Academic Team was #2 in Area 6 in 2017 and went to the National Championships in Jacksonville, FL where they placed 20th in the Nation! 


LDHS NJROTC RIfle Team placed 2nd at the Upstate Regional Championships in SY 16-17 and went to the Area 6 Championships for the 8th year in a row!.


LDHS NJROTC Orienteering Team is looking to return to Nationals this upcoming year (2019-2020) and is encouraging new members to join the team; do you have what it takes?


The end cap of every Drill Meet is an athletic competition. Push-ups, Sit-ups and relay mile runs have become determining factors for winning.

Community Service

An integral part of NJROTC is learning how to serve.  Cadets learn how to serve their unit, their school and their community through a variety of different projects.

Military Drill

Three out of the last four years LDHS NJROTC has earned its way to the Area 6 Drill Championships to compete in drill and demonstrate the highest level of discipline in a team framework. 

By Anthony Linardi/John Walker