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The Laurens FFA is an agriculture organization that helps to teach its members about leadership, community involvement and agriculture

Community Service Activities

4 months ago

By Melanie Birchmore

Explore Agriculture Day

FFA Member taught kindergartners about different types of animals and plants at Explore Agriculture Day.  40 FFA members taught about 450 kindergartners about 12 different animals, kindergartners toured the greenhouse and put a plant in a cup to take home, and learned about how to take care of a garden.  They also harvested lettuce to take home with them.

Agriculture Education in the Elementary School and Middle School

FFA Members developed different lessons to present in our local elementary schools related to agriculture.  The lessons were given to children from 4 year old to students in middle school.

Day of Service June 13, 2019

FFA Members worked with Servants with Hearts to pack 15,000 meals for the hunger in our area.  We worked with members from other chapters to put soybean meal, corn meal, dried vegetables, and rice. 

Steps at Joe Adair Center

Laurens FFA worked to install steps at the picnic shelter at the Joe Adair Science Center

FFA Activities

4 months ago

By Melanie Birchmore

FFA Leadership Camp

FFA Members enjoy the South Carolina Leadership Center for a week of educational and fun activities at the beach.  Members participate in high ropes, low ropes, kayaking, team sports, and other leadership activities.  In this picture an FFA member is starting the high ropes course.

South Carolina State Fair

Every year FFA members visit the South Carolina State fair.  During the visit FFA members compete in Tractor Driving competition, visit and help man displays, and visit animal areas.  Members have an opportunity to interact with members from around the state and learn about agriculture in South Carolina.  Members also have free time to enjoy the rides and food the fair has to offer. 

FFA Legislative Day

FFA Members visit the South Carolina State House to meet with their government officials and participate in the FFA Week ceremony.

South Carolina Miss FFA Pageant and Mr. FFA

FFA female members have an opportunity to "strut their stuff" at the S.C. Miss FFA Pageant.  This competition includes: an application, interview, and stage presence.  It is a fun time for the girls to dress up and add to their FFA experience


Fun and fellowship at the Beach.  FFA Members meet new people and have fun in the sun

Grand Prix

FFA Members compete on the track and putt putt course

Cardboard Project

Team members work together to create a certain object to withstand different obstacles. 


Team members compete in volleyball, dodgeball, and kickball.


FFA members kayak and canoe on the inter coastal waterway.

Low Ropes

FFA Members learn to work together and enhance their leadership abilities.

Dolphin Cruise

We cruised through the inter coastal waterway and into the ocean.  We did not see any dolphins but we did see plenty of waves.

Swimming to cool off in the summer heat.

Working on our card board project and making it pretty.

Bass Pro Shop

High Ropes

FFA Members test their skills and bravery on the high ropes course.


FFA learn to work together and have fun on the paintball course.


At the Flag

We start our day sharing positive thoughts and raising the flag.

Beach Olympics

Our girls and boys won their tug or war and finish first in the total competitions.

Color War

Laurens FFA Swine Showing Team

Laurens FFA members worked together to grow and show swine.

Laurens Swine Showing Team

Tucker showing swine.

Christian showing her pig.

FFA Career Development Events

4 months ago

By Melanie Birchmore

Horse Judging CDE

Horse Judging gives FFA Members an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge related to evaluating horse qualities, identifying tack and equipment, evaluating and processing a solution to a problem, and verbal expressing why they judged a class in a given manner.

Tractor Driving

The Tractor Driving CDE requires members to navigate a course safely without hitting cones and then back the trailer down an ally way. 


The wildlife competition consist of members identifying different types of wildlife from their pelts, tracks, or mounts; score deer antlers; age deer by their teeth; evaluate habitat; and take a wildlife related test. 

Dairy Judging and Dairy Handling

Dairy Judging consist of FFA Members judging different breeds of dairy cattle.  Along with the judging, members also give oral reasons, take a test, and develop a solution to the team problem they are presented.  Laurens FFA finished first place in the State FFA Dairy Judging Career Development Event.  Matthew Brownlee was high individual.

Livestock Judging

FFA Members judge beef cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and give oral reasons explaining their placings.  The participants also have to take a test related to the livestock industry and evaluate genetic information. 

Public Speaking

The Public Speaking CDE is broken up into various sections:  Prepared Public Speaking, Extemporaneous Public Speaking, and  Creed Speaking.  This is an individual event that allows FFA members to demonstrate their speaking ability.

Vet Science Career Development Event

This is the newest CDE introduced in South Carolina.  It focuses on skills needed to work in the Vet industry.  This is the 2021 State winning team.

Laurens FFA Members Serve the State as South Carolina State FFA Officers

4 months ago

Laurens FFA members learn the importance of community service in high school and often take that passion for service to serve the state of South Carolina as State FFA Officers.  

By Melanie Birchmore

Matthew Brownlee

Matthew Brownlee served as State Vice President for 2019-2020.  

Veronica Corteville

Veronica is serving as the South Carolina State Secretary for 2021-2022

Laurens FFA Supporters

Thank you to those in our Community that support the Laurens FFA and their activities

Laurens Tractor Supply Company

Laurens County Conservation District

Landreth Livestock Products


Verdin's Farm and Garden

Trinity Ridge Animal Hospital

Laurens Commission of Public Works

Twin F Farms


Southern Outdoors Management

Laurens Farm Bureau