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Building Construction

Instructor: Joseph Adams Jr

Instructor: Austin White

LDHS Building Construction

Building the future one student at a time.

What we are ALL about

Here at LDHS we pride ourselves in community out reach. The Building Construction department has performed several project for our great Laurens community include decks, ramps, remodels, and event projects for our City Hall.

Students striving for more

The students that are evolved in the program at Laurens are making improvements on campus and in our community as the strive for the more life has to offer. These student make the difference and reach for success on a daily basis.

Press box for Sanders Baseball Field (Restoring History)

Making room improvements for a better environment

Getting to work out in the community is most rewarding.

by John-Michael Weatherford

The feeling of finishing a project after all the hard work that has gone into it.

by Dashun Boyd

Building Construction

Creating the New Norm

District Projects

Creating a better district

 (Creating the new Norm)

Items for sale

We the request come in for items we build for the people

Build- It and they will come

Creating project for people in our great place called Laurens, SC

Building projects is what I enjoy most about Building Construction class.

by Noah Brown

Building Construction to mean helps students build their future and helps teach them more about responsibility.

by Nicholas Roberts

The Building Construction Mission

Sow BOUNTIFULLY, Reap Bountifully

By Joseph M Adams Jr (Instructor)
Building Construction Instructor

I wake with a mission daily to sow into the lives of the individual students here at Laurens, more than just to teach but to inspire. The mission I have set for the Building Construction program is to sow bountifully, and reap bountifully by teaching students that they must work for what they want in life and that nothing will be handed to them. What students put into the program is what they will get out nothing more nothing less, this is life and that is what teaching is all about not just math, English, or CATE but teaching life along the way to create better men and women.

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